The Westminster bagration tiara replica

The tiara originated from a princely family from the Russian empire.  Up until 1801 the Bagrations were rulers of the Kingdom of Georgia.  The Bagration tiara was made a few years later for Princess Catherine, a very influential and independent woman. 

At some point, the tiara left The Bargration hands, and was put up for sale.  It was bought at auction by the Duke of Westminster in 1970.  The Duke was one of the richest men in the UK.  He gave the tiara to his fiancée, Natalia Philips as an engagement present.  The tiara was later worn by Natalia on her wedding day in October 1978.  Natalia is a direct descendant of Tsar Nicholas I of Russia and of the famous poet Alexander Pushkin.  The set joins the rest of the tiaras in the Westminster collection and though we don’t often see them in use publicly, the family is generous in allowing them to be displayed and so on.

Height 3.5 inches

Diameter across the back 6.5 inches

Item No: 65-014

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