The Lotus Leaf Tiara

The tiara is known by names from the central motif.  Some call it the Papyrus tiara, it is also known as the Lotus Leaf tiara.  The tiara was originally a necklace which was seen by the Queen mother in her early years.  It was made from one of her wedding gifts which was given to her by her husband, the future George VI.  The necklace was dismantled by Garrards who created this beautiful tiara.  The Queen Mother gave it to Princess Margaret in 1959.  Princess made good use of the tiara in her younger years.  She loaned it to Serena Stanhope for her wedding to her son Viscount Linley.  Princess Margaret died in 2002 and some of her belongings including the Poltimore tiara was sold off in 2006.  This did not include this tiara, so we can only assume that it has remained in the family.  Surprisingly the tiara did make it back to the royal collection.  The Dutchess of Cambridge wore it for her first tiara appearance after her wedding, at the Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace on December 3rd 2013