george vi sapphire suite tiara replica

The Queen’s sapphire suite begins with a mid-19th century comprising of a necklace and earrings bought by her father, and given to her as a wedding present in 1947. The set features a necklace of emerald-cut sapphires surrounded by diamonds and separated by individual diamonds, plus a pair of pendant earrings, each with a single large sapphire in a diamond cluster. These pieces are set in gold.

In 1963, the Queen added a tiara and a bracelet to the set.  This tiara traces back to Princess Louise of Belgium (1858-1924), who was the daughter of King Leopold II and the wife of Prince Ferdinand Philipp of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Louise can be seen in photographs wearing what we know today as the Queen’s sapphire suite tiara.

Height 5.5 cms

Diameter  15 cms

Item No: 65-018


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