Queen’s tiaras

The Burmese Ruby Tiara

Item Number: 99869

The Burmese ruby tiara was ordered to be made by the Queen in 1973. The design of the jewel is in the form of a wreath of roses. It is conventional yet detailed.

There are clusters of rubies in the centre of each flower, and the petals are made using brilliant diamonds. The 96 rubies set into the tiara were a present from the Burmese people.

The number of stones represent the number of diseases that the Burmese people believe can afflict the human body. They credit the ruby with prophylactic properties guarding the wearer not only against illness, but also against evil.


The Boucheron Tiara

Item Number: 76001

The Boucheron tiara was left to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother by the Hon. Mrs Greville from Boucheron in London on 8th January, 1921.  It was made up from the customers stones which were taken from an old tiara.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother asked for the height of the tiara to be increased by adding a number of brilliant cut diamonds and a single marquise cut diamond in 1953.

Our replica tiara is made as near as possible to the original.  It is finished in silver plating.


King George III Fringe Tiara

Item Number: 76002

The diamond fringe tiara – a gradual cirle of verticle rown of diamonds was made in 1830 as a necklace from brilliant cut stones that belonged to King George III. Queen Victoria wore it as a tiara on an official visit to the opera in 1839.

It was inherited by Queen Mary when she became Queen Consort in 1910, and she in turn gave it to her daughter in law, the new Queen in 1937. Queen Elizabeth

The Queen mother loaned it to her daughter Princess Elizabeth as “something borrowed” for her wedding in 1947. She loaned it again to her granddaughter in 1973 for her marriage to Captain Mark Phillips.

Our replica tiara is made as near as possible to the original piece. It has been finished in silver plating


The Cambridge Lovers’ Knot Tiara

Item Number: 76004

One of the most charming tributes that Queen Mary ever paid to the maternal side of her family was the tiara which she had made in 1914 to her own design and from pearls and diamonds that were already in her possession.

It was a copy of one which was owned by her grandmother, Princess Augusta of Hesse, who married the first Duke of Cambridge, seventh son of King George III in 1818.

She had been given it by her family prior to her marriage. There was a strong French influence in the design of the 19 openwork arches, each enclosing an oriental pearl from a diamond lover’s know bow and surmounted by single diamonds and upright pearl spikes.

Our replica tiara is as near as possible to the original piece. It has been finished in silver plating.