The Hope Diamond Necklace

Suspended from a diamond chain is the famous 44.5 carat Hope diamond. In 1669 Jean Baptiste Tavernier sold the fabulous blue diamond from the Indian mines to Louis XIV.

The gems inky blue colour was indicative of the Kollur mines in the Golconda of India. Louis XIV enjoyed wearing it in his cravat pin.

His successor Louis XV had it remounted in a magnificent gem set golden fleece decoration. It was stolen from the French Treasury in 1792 and the re-cut diamond turned up in London where the Hope family bought the gem.

The Hope family kept hold of the gem for a couple of centuries before it hit the open market. In 1912 it was purchased by a famous British jeweller and sold to Mclean.

The Hope diamond has a long history. It carries a fatal curse; misfortune and death supposedly stalked its owner – undaunted Mclean had the Hope diamond blessed by a monsignor and wore it in good health all her life. Our replica is made as near as possible to the original. Length 48 cm Drop 4 cm

Item No:  700-007

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