The Empress Marie Feodorovna of Russia Necklace

The Empress Marie Feodorovna, Queen Alexandra’s younger sister had one of the most valuable collections of jewellery.

Interspaced in this 4 row chocker of 164 pearls, are 20 diamond studded vertical bars, between every two pearls at the front and then between every three pearls at the back.

The necklace is made to convert into two bracelets. The octagonal clasp is a large sapphire surrounded by two rows of diamonds.

Following her death in exile in Denmark in 1928, after the Russian revolution, her jewels were sold in England by Hennell & Son. Queen Mary bought the necklace in 1931. The Queen inherited it in 1953.

Our replica is made an near as possible to the original piece. It is finished in silver plating.

Item No: 700-012

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