The Dagmar Necklace

In 1863 the Princess Alexandra of Schlewig-Holstein-Gluckburg’s father was elected heir to the childless King Fredrick VII of Denmark.

For the marriage to the Prince of Wales that same year, the King had a famous jeweller in Copenhagen, design a necklace in the Byzantine style. It had 118 pearls and 2000 diamonds. Festoons connecting gold medallions with a large diamond in the middle of each surround a centrepiece of diamond scrollwork.
Two large pearls on either side were so valuable they were exhibited at the Great Exhibition in Crystal Palace in 1851. Hanging from the centrepiece id s cloisonné enamel facsimile of the 11th century gold Dagmar Cross in which was a fragment of silk from the grave of King Canute.

Queen Dagmar was the much loved wife of King Waldermar the victorious. When she died in 1212 she was buried with the percorial cross on her breast. Her tomb was opened centuries later and the cross was removed as a precious relic. It became tradition that Danish Princesses were given a copy of the cross when they married.

Our replica is made as near as possible to the original. It is finished in gold plating. Length 36cm Drop 10cm

Item No: 700-004

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