Princess Diana Emerald Choker

The choker is known as Disco Di. This was an art-deco choker which was left to the Queen but she never wore it. In 1981 she took it out of storage and gave it to the Princess of Wales as a wedding gift. That December the Princess had the 14” choker mounted on a band of dark green Velcro so that she could wear it as a hair band at a private party. Instead of a tiara she wore it as a necklace across her forehead as a bandeau. She wore it for the first time in public at a charity dance on a visit to Australia in 1984.

Our replica has an 18×13 emerald cabochon in the centre and three 14×10 emerald cabochons on either side. The cabochons are surrounded by a diamante chain set with 2mm crystal stones. They are separated by two rows of crystal stones which have been set into tiffany settings. In between these two rows of stones are 2 x 2.5mm emerald stones with a 7×3 emerald baguette stone in the middle

The necklace is finished in silver plating.
Width 2.5cm Length 35cm Item

Item No:  700-001

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