Russian Crowns

The Nuptual Crown of the Romanovs

Nuptual crown of the Romanovs

A little bit of history

The Nuptial crown of the Romanov’s was probably made by Nichols & Plinkle in 1844.  It was made from diamonds which were set into a bejeweled belt.  The crown was mounted in silver and set in gold.  It is decorated with 320 diamonds which weigh 182 carats and a further 1200 smaller diamonds which weigh 82 carats. 

This is a magnificent jewel  which was dismissed by Fersman’s catalogue of the Russian Crown Jewels as not very interesting.  It was acquired by Marjoriie Merriweather Post in the sale of the Imperial Jewels in 1927 and held in the Hillwood Museum, Washington DC

The crown is lined with velvet.

Our replica crown is made as near as possible to the original.  It is finished in silver plating and lined on the inside.