Maharaja Jewels

The Maharaja Jewel Collection contains Replicas of the most famous  turban ornaments and necklaces.  Each piece has been deeply researched and is recreated to the highest quality and specification. 

The prerogative of kings has always been to possess the finest jewels in the world.  Nowhere has this been more exploited than in India.  India is famed to be a supreme source of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and pearls. 

The Indian sub-continent has also produced a glittering array of maharajas whose history streaches over many thousands of years.  However, through history,  many of India’s diamonds, rubies and emeralds slid out of Indian hands into European ones.

The Dehli emeralds in Queen Mary’s Dehli Durbar necklace were a gift from the “ladies of India”.  The necklace was presented to Queen Mary in Dehli by a deputation of women headed by the Maharini of Patiala.

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