German Crowns

The crown of the Queens of Bavaria

Queens Crown of Bavaria

A little bit of history

In 1806, as part of his wholescale re-ordering of the map of Europe, Napoleon I of France upgraded the independant German Duchy  to a full kingdom status. The former Duke of Bavaria, now King of Bavarie Maximillian I, commemorated the fact by commissioning a set of crown jewels for use by Bavarian monarchs.

Royal regalia of Bavaria

Included in the regalia were:

  • The Crown of Bavaria – the King’s crown, which was set with rubies, diamonds,
  • emeralds, sapphires and pearls
  • the Crown of the Queens of Bavaria, which was made for the then queen, Karoline of Baden and which contains huge pearls and large diamonds;
  • The 96cms long State Sword;
  • The Royal Orb – made of gols
  • The 89cmslong Royal Sceptre set with brilliants, emeralds and sapphires and the top is surmounted by a small round crown.

As part of a republican Germany, Bavaria has not had a monarch since 1918 but the Bavarian Crown Jewels are still on show in the Treasury of the Residenz Palace in Munich