Coronation Rings

The Coronation Rings

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A little bit of history

The ring is s symbol of faith denoted by its unbrocken form. It has been a constant feature of English coronations since the 10th century.

The present Soverign’s ring was made for the coronation of William IV in 1831. It weighs 84.45 carats and is set with a large sapphire surrounded by diamonds. Two more diamonds decorate the shank and five rubies are set on the sapphire in the form of a cross. All Sovereigns from Edward VII onwards have used this ring.

Queen Victoria’s ring is a miniature version of William IV’s ring. It weighs 42.74 carats and is set with a large sapphire surmounted by 20 diamonds. 5 rubies on top form a cross and 31 diamonds decorate the shank (1 diamond is missing)

The Queen Consorts ring was made for Queen Adelaide at the coronation of her husband William IV in 1831. It weighs 50.15 carats and is set with a large ruby
which is surrounded by 14 diamonds ad rubies around the shank. The ring has been worn by Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother

Our replicas are made as near as possible to the original. Great importance is paid to every detail